Musings and Reflections

In the Year of the Hierophant and Temperance

At the arrival of every New Year, I like to use numbers and Tarot, as well as the I Ching, in order to find a compass that could help us connect with the mysterious qualities of numbers as well as archetypal energies that might be prevalent through the year. This ritual has helped me find a personal compass, a useful way to understand the rich attributes, the powerful depth, that Tarot cards offer as we approach the Arcana with sincerity and humility. Remember that Tarot can become a powerful guide and teacher that can help us navigate any situation we are facing at the moment.

The power of Intention should be activated always for the higher good. This is a pivotal suggestion that should be kept in mind. This year, the Year of the Pentacle and of number Five, should be considered a powerful reminder that our thoughts, feelings, actions, matter.

The digits of Year 2021 add up to number 5, following the Pythagorean reduction. The number five alludes to the Art of Alchemy, to the Quintessence, to the Pentacle, and the power of Magic, to mention just a few concepts attached to this number. Five signals a departure from the strictures of a Number Four and anticipates deep changes that usually challenge us to “step outside the box, ” meet our Shadows, as well as our intrinsic luminosity.

Hierophant suggests “revealer of mysteries” and alludes to the head officiator of the Eleusinian Mysteries. In esoteric traditions this Key represents the Inner Voice, the force that connects Heaven and Earth and often serves as psychopomp leading initiates into the underworld. The lower world of darkness and shadows is also the world of Pachamama, of the Dark Madonna, of our hidden treasures waiting to be brought forth with the power of our Light.

But we cannot forget that there is another Major Arcanum that should be kept in mind when working with number Five. Key 14 (1 + 4 =5) connects with the Hierophant as a mystical pair that can help us understand the importance of balance and coherence in all our actions and reactions. And in 2021, considering all the chaotic situations we already have witnessed globally, and the ones potentially ahead of us, we should understand a bit better how both cards can become a compass to guide us in the right direction during these troubling times. Both can take us by the hand and help us focus on basic essentials, starting with ourselves and the ways we self-regulate and follow the directive of “Know Thyself. “

When we place both cards next to each other, what essential message do you receive if you allow the heart and not the mind to reveal their secret? These two powerful cards work in tandem to help us attain a deeper understanding of intuition and the ways to access our Master Teacher. They also open the door to the Great Work, the work of Alchemy that must start and end with ourselves.

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