How To Ask Questions

When we consult the Oracle, Tarot, or any serious form of divination, we must approach it with the right intention, thinking carefully about the questions we need to pose, as well as about the energies that we are bringing to the inquiry. They say that the answer to most of our queries is wrapped around the question anyhow; that a problem or challenge is always given with the resolution. As we carefully unravel the question, or analyze the challenge in front of us, the words we choose to address the Oracle create a field that attract certain potentialities to manifest. In a way, we are actually affecting the quality of the field we are creating around the question.

Pay attention to the intention you bring to the cards as shuffle. Remember that you are entering a realm of chance and probabilities that lies beyond your everyday palpable "reality." First and foremost, step into divination mode with the right attitude and seriousness of mind that will provide you with the best modality to reach a higher level of awareness.

Sit quietly, do a short breathing exercise and bring all of your energies together into the present moment. Don't forget to ask for guidance and permission as you claim your own Sacred Space for protection. We all have Guides and Teachers around us, so tap into their wisdom and ask for their protection.

Try to concentrate on your question in a manner that will place you in charge of the action required and that will make you the subject and not the object of the question. And, please, use a verb that carries a positive meaning. Avoid any question that requires a yes/no answer.

Take as much time as needed phrasing the question(s). Often, we have so much on our minds that we fail to ask a proper and clear-cut question or end up with several unclear and complicated statements all wrapped up into one chaotic inquiry. Slow down your thought processes; pick one key issue at a time, and concentrate your energies and intent so that there is no ambiguity.

Be honest with yourself. Remember that the subconscious quite often has a mind of its own and even if we say something out loud it might be the complete opposite of what we are actually feeling or wishing or subconsciously generating. Also, don't try to "outsmart" the cards or the reader.

Put your thoughts in order. Write down the question. Avoid the subjunctive or
conditional tenses or the use of words such as "if," "should," "would," "could,"
"when." Be clear and assertive when consulting the cards.


What time is it for me?
Where am I at this stage in my (professional; personal) life?
What need(s) of my soul am I ignoring?
How do I take back my life?
What archetype should I be using to resolve this situation?
What archetype or aspect of myself am I ignoring at this stage in my life?
What is the universe trying to tell me with this situation?
What lesson am I supposed to learn from this challenge?
How must I change my life's priorities?
What attitude should I take at the moment regarding.... ?
What is going on with .........?
How can I improve my work situation?
How could I be of help with....?
How do I activate the right energies to get out of my present situation?
I need advice regarding my decision to .......

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