Queen of Wands: The Power of Suggestion

Transformational Tarot
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The Queen of Wands and The Power of Suggestion

Transformation Tarot

Objective: The Queen of Wands carries the archetypal mother energies that not only heal us but also rebirth us. Working with this card’s vibrations can help us reach deep inside ourselves and energize the intentions that help us release old habits and propensities and shift our center of awareness from lower to higher levels. The card symbolizes the universal archetypal patterns that flow between the subconscious and the self. How we tap into these patterns through the power of suggestion, consciously or unconsciously, will determine our everyday reality.

Background: In the studies of Tarot and Holy Qabalah, the suit of Wands is usually assigned to the element of fire and to the first of the four worlds: Atziluth, the world of archetypes or pure essence from where everything emanates. This is the world of intentions; where the uncontaminated energies of will and desire are ignited to descend into the next world, the world of creation or Briah. We are accustomed to hearing that we manifest through our thoughts. This is quite true, but thoughts belong to the third world, the world of formation or Yetzirah. If we want to influence the way we generate our thoughts, then we must go back to the world of intentions and primal energies, to the first world (Atziluth), and energize the right vibrations that establish the connection between self consciousness, ego, and subconsciousness. The Queen of Wands can be a very useful tool in this kind of soul work

Sometimes we cannot heal from an emotional or physical challenge because our thoughts keep us from seeing us whole. Maybe the cause lies in a former life or an earlier trauma we have buried so deep we no longer feel the hidden pain nor see the blueprint in our energy field. Yet the scars are there. This is when mediating the various aspects of our personality and of our consciousness through the Queen of Wands could make a difference. She can be our mediator between the self and subconsciousness, as well as superconsciousness. She understands about egos and personas and projections. We don’t need to explain to her how many defense mechanisms we have come up with through the years and how we keep making the same mistakes over and over again. No need to detail or justify. We can come to her in honest humility and place in front of her our emotional baggage, our wounds, our present challenges and just ask her to serve as our gatekeeper to the subconscious or as a bridge between the Higher Self and the self. We check our ego at the door and we allow the free flow of energies between the various levels of consciousness to suggest, create, form, manifest.

Choose whichever exercise best fits your present situation.

Exercise 1:
• State your intention to tap into your Higher Self with consciousness and clarity.
• Sit quietly and breathe deeply. As you release your breath, fully intent to release your unconscious grip on the subconscious. Find your own breathing pattern as you continue to release the specific concern or situation.
• As you look at the Queen of Wands, imagine yourself inside the card, walking towards the throne with a package. Place whatever is on your mind, whatever needs to be healed, in that package and once you feel you have the Queen’s permission, place the package next to the black cat. If you want to, you can even transform the package or problem into the black cat. Bless it and leave it just there at the feet of the Queen of Wands as you silently walk away and back into your world.
• Sit back. Relax and be thankful. And, keep it light.

Exercise 2:
• Sit quietly, relax and do your breathing exercise.
• Use your creative imagination to assume the position of the Queen of Wands. Become the Queen of Wands. Imagine yourself holding her staff, and pay close attention to the sunflower in her left hand. You can transform the black cat to a panther, or a jaguar, or your totem animal. This is your vision, your creation; this is the power of your suggestion.
• Whatever problem or situation you are working on, center yourself and work at it from this new position of power that you are creating.
• Use your power of suggestion to align your subconscious to the Higher Self and affirm that your thoughts and the world you are manifesting are perfectly aligned with divine intuition and divine intelligence.
• Feel perfectly attuned to the higher vibrations as you continue to breathe in and out. Keep holding that sunflower and know that all is well, that indeed you can create a new world to support you. All is well.
• And so it is.

Excerpt from “Wands, Fire and Sunflowers,” by Yolanda M. Robinson, PhD

Copyright © 2005 - 2008 Yolanda M. Robinson, PhD