Taking A Closer Look At The Court Cards

Transformation Tarot

Set aside about one hour to get to know the Court cards of your new deck.  You can line them up in any form that makes sense to you.  I usually line them by Suit and rank, either starting with the Pages or with the Kings.  It doesn't really matter.

If you separated the sixteen cards by Suit or element, pay close attention to how the energies are depicted.  What colors or forms differentiate one element from another? What is the most salient characteristic of each Suit? Which of the four Suits attracts you the most?  Which Suit you dislike or like less than the others?

Look at the archetypes and rank them.  How are the Kings or their equivalent represented? The Queens; Knights; Pages?

Which card do you like the most?  The least?

Which card would you choose as an ideal friend  or partner?

Which card seems the most trustworthy character?  The least trustworthy?

Look at the Four Kings: Which one represents to you the "Ideal Father?"

Look at the Four Queens:  Which one represents to you the "Ideal Mother?"