Qabalah and Tarot

Transformation Tarot
Pamela C. Smith´s rendition of the Ten of Pentacles incorporates the Tree of Life with its Ten Sephiroth

There is a deep and beautiful way to communicate with Spirit using Tarot and the Tree of Life. This tradition has many variations, but basically stems from esoteric associations between Hebrew mysticism, Hermetism, Gnosticism and Christian magic, using the Hebrew alphabet, the Tree of Life, numerology, Gematria, and Tarot to create a world of sound and color and images that evokes higher levels of consciousness to the serious student of this mystery tradition.

The purpose of this section is to give you general impressions about the use of Qabalah (i.e. Christian Kabbalah) and Tarot.

Notice also the many ways to spell this word: Kabbalah, Qabbalah, Cabalah, and Qabalah. Some spellings were associated with mystery schools, cultures, traditions, but that may not be the case nowadays. I apologize if the various spellings I use might offend anyone.

The Jewish Encyclopedia, for example, uses CABALA, which is also the way it\'s spelled in Spanish (i.e. la Cabala).

We cannot invoke the Great Ones by chanting songs, for the only music that they can hear is the song of the lives we live. Many are the intelligences and planes of Nature which we attract by the power of invocation during our wanderings in the lower worlds; but always, regardless of what they may appear to be, they are drawn not by the things we say but by the things we do.

The Qabbalah is a science by which the sacred name is learned, and the secret of the Qabbalah is that your own life is the word; and, whatever that is, that will you invoke. Man is the living magician, juggling with the elements of Nature. He is the living ritual, the living secret, and the living magic of the Qabbalah.

Manly P. Hall

Transformation Tarot
Ramon Lull's Arbol de la Ciencia (Tree of Knowledge)
Transformation Tarot
Builders of the Adytum Tree of Life with the Major Arcana
Transformation Tarot
Gikatilla's Tree of Life from Gates of Light