One Card Meditation


Tremendous is the splendor of a person who has come to know everything that goes on within him, because by being aware, all that is false disappears and all that is real is nourished.
Except this, there is no radical transformation possible.
No religion can give it to you, no messiah can give it to you.
It is a gift that you have to give to yourself.

Tarot invites us to be open to the world of myth, storytelling and imagination and offers itself to lead us from the world of common human sensation to symbolic and spiritual levels of awareness. When we dare rewrite our life\'s story, when we allow our creative imagination to take us by the hand and unleash new energies of transformation, we are indeed in charge of our lives.

An exercise that I have found very powerful at the end of a reading is to ask the client to take the spread we had just finished discussing and move the cards around to create a story, adding characters and plot while allowing fantasy and creative imagination to flow freely. The resulting tale can be very moving and empowering. It usually opens the person to new visions about life\'s potential. Happy endings are indeed possible not just in our minds; but, usually, we need to start seeing ourselves as the heroes of our story and believing that we can indeed be happy and fulfilled while forging a new destiny.

Transformation Tarot

Special thanks to Osho International for allowing the use of their images.