The Twenty-two Majors As Planetary Energies

Transformation Tarot

I have divided the above Tableau into three distinct parts: On the top we find the so-called Seven Planets: Mercury, Luna, Sol,Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.

Next, we find the 12 signs of the Zodiac: Aries (Emperor); Taurus (Hierophant); Gemini (Lovers); Cancer (Chariot); Leo (Strength); Virgo (Hermi). The next row aligns with their opposites on the Zodiac Wheel: Libra (Justice) with Aries; Scorpio (Death) with Taurus; Sagittarius (Temperance) with Gemini; Capricorn (Devil) with Cancer; Aquarius (Star) with Leo (Strength); and Pisces (Moon) with Virgo.

Please note that the "Planet" Moon is the High Priestess and that Key 18, the Moon, is assigned to Pisces.  This is important because if in a reading you get both cards, the influence of the Astral world and the lunar energies in particular must be taken into account. Remember that the Moon, as reflected light (of the Sun) symbolizes our subconsciousness.  The ninth Sefirah in the Qabalistic Tree is assigned to Yesod, Sphere of the Moon and the seat of the Vital Soul.

The last row shows the elements of Air, Water and Fire.  They also reflect Aleph, Mem and Shin, the three Mother letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  Later, these cards were also assigned to the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, respectively.

Contemplation on this "Planetary" Tableau brings us to new dimensions of understanding the role that the Majors play in accessing knowledge from other realms.  In Tarot we enter a mystical, Hermetic world, a cosmos filled with vibrations and energies that unfold along the Path of Return and that show us the way home. Astrology, Magic, Hermeticism, balism, Alchemy, all these dimensions are open to us, for our personal transformation.

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