Kudos to Taschen Publishers for offering us such a rich visual display of the evolution of Tarot through the years. The images selected for the book capture the fascinating trajectory of Tarot cards through the centuries, starting with Renaissance to present date. Even more important, the evolution of our consciousness through the various centuries and how myth, mysticism, and esoteric traditions adapt and reflect new interpretations of archetypes and vital concepts that enhance our psychic field in divination.

The classic archetypes of Tarot are displayed with playfulness as well as depth, thus offering such imaginal pageant of rich metaphors where we can recognize the impact that the iconic form has had in us. Each Arcanum becomes a portal to new interpretations of ourselves. Once again, Taschen demonstrates the power of image-concepts to capture new ways to express and renew mythology for the modern humanity.

The evolution of Tarot through the years has been impressive, and the spark of genius of this publication is the ability to present so many perspectives and dimensions of the seventy-eight cards that constitute Tarot. The Major Arcana are the main focus. Many of the illustrations are stunning and entice us to enter their magic. We are not asked to interpret or reach for meanings; we are entertained by the pictures and by the imprint that they make in our psyche.

Tarot offers constant mystery to the viewer, new elucidations from old themes that never lost their innovation. The book is also impressive because expresses the transformation of esoteric traditions and Hermetism in different parts of the world, while challenging any concepts of borders or limitations. Consciousness is, indeed, eternal and limitless.

The Library of Esoterica: Tarot. Taschen, 2020.