What Is Transformational Tarot?

A Direct  and Magical Link to Spirit

The development of intuition is an essential part of our consciousness growth and it starts with understanding the resources available to us to tap in to our subconscious and bring to the surface a deeper awareness of the rich symbology embedded within ourselves. The road to self awareness is very personal and we each need to find an effective way to connect to Spirit.

Tarot as a tool for personal transformation. This might sound like heresy to some. Yet, every day more and more people seem to discover Tarot as a direct way to connect with hidden energies and deep meanings about themselves. Applied as a tool in transpersonal psychology, for example, Tarot can serve as a roadmap to understand our dreams, our fears, our hopes. It can help us find the archetypes that have played or are playing a key role in our lives. It can uncover our shadow energies; it can show us new ways of dealing with personal choices. Tarot can help us map our destiny. And it can definitely serve as a link to communicate with our guides and teachers.

Tarot as a gateway between the worlds of the seen and the unseen; between the palpable and concrete and the numinous and ineffable. But, what is palpable and concrete? Is the world of our every-day reality more real than the Astral world, the world of our dreams, or the world of Spirit? This site is not meant to give definitions but rather to open the door to new ways of looking at our everyday perception of reality. Our purpose? To help the reader find ways to communicate with Spirit. Our tool for this new perception will be mainly through Tarot.

If you have reached this site out of curiosity, I hope that something here will strike a chord. Tarot has been discarded for so long as a game of fortunetelling, or a hoax, that it is not my intention to change anybody's mind about it. I offer here my interpretation of Tarot, which comes from more than twenty years of studying the cards and their layers of meaning. And I offer you a way to look at the images of Tarot, and to connect them to tradition, to mythology, literature, and to such disciplines as psychology. But more than anything, I offer them as a way to connect to your higher Self.

Tarot in the 21st Century

The way Tarot has come down to us through the ages has given it a mysterious flair associated with gypsies, fortunetellers, secret esoteric orders, witches and weirdos. As if Tarot were designed to pick up the discarded parts of ourselves, what originated as a court game in Italy in the 14th Century was metamorphosed and adopted through the years by people outside the mainstream and imbued with mystery, secrecy and ambiguity as it assimilated and soaked the conflicting energies of the evolving times.

The strange, mystifying allure of Tarot resonates with us because its symbols and images never cease to expand and cquire new meanings as they continuously mold themselves to any ideology, discipline or school of thought that wishes to adopt or adapt its wisdom.

Tarot in psychotherapy is not a new subject. Just like poetry, dance, drama, painting or any inspirational art can serve as an instrument for analysands or clients to gain access to the unconscious, more psychologists today are adding Tarot to their list of functional tools.

As New Age writer and metaphysician Jean Houston notes, "The stupendous music of our minds goes largely unplayed and unknown... In this time of whole- system transition we can no longer afford to live as half-light versions of ourselves. The complexity of our time requires a greater and wiser use of our capacities, a rich playing of the instrument we have been given." (A Passion for the Possible, San Francisco: Harper Collins, 1998.)

When Tarot resonates with us, no matter how subtle, we should stop and listen to the cadence of its images. The symphony of meanings, the overwhelming flow of sensations, can be our bridge to new levels of understanding ourselves. It is as if Tarot had come down to us like sheets of music to help us play our instruments, to assist in our exploration of sound, and color and energy vibrations that not only helps us heal our wounds but also shows us how to access hidden energies and reach incredible richness in personal expression. The outburst of new Tarot decks in the past twenty years is yet another indication of how these Arcana have taken hold of our personal and world consciousness.